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Heiko Streicher – Composer

I started my musical career as a guitar player in a German Hard Rock Band with which I did two major label releases and countless gigs in Germany, Austria, Suisse, France and Spain.

In 1994 I succeeded in the entry exam of a state approved course of studies. There I did my qualification in composition, orchestration, guitar and conducting under the guidance of Germanys most renowned tutors. After 6 semesters I finished my studies with a degree.

During this time I set up my first recording room and started writing and producing music for record companies. I wrote Soundtrack – CDs for many different rrojects containing a lot of World Music Themes and musical descriptions of countries like Africa, India and China. I wrote the Music for LATIN MUSIC CLUB and a lot of tracks for the highly successful AFRCAN TRIBAL ORCHESTRA.

My first experiences in composing for Film and Cinema I gained by scoring the documentary NOSTRADAMUS. Beside this, I wrote music for music – libraries. ( Sonoton and EMI Production Music in Germany)

In 2007 / 2008 I had the opportunity to score the Films “Die Reise des Jacob Crane “ and “Coppelius“. ( Both URWERK Film ).

In 2009 I started to write Music for USA television. Luckily my music finds a great echo and is aired on many TV Stations like CBS, NBC, Netflix, Bravo, FOX Sports, History, Telemundo, TLC…

In 2012 I started to write Music for Movie Trailers.
I contributed to the theatrical / TV – marketing campaigns of: Gone Girl ( 20th Century Fox ) 2014; LEGO Jurassic World ( Lionsgate ) 2015; Fear the Walking Dead ( AMC Networks ) 2015; The Last Witch Hunter ( Lionsgate ) 2015; Fantastic Four ( 20th Century Fox ) 2015; The Walk ( TriStar Pictures ) 2015; Star Trek Beyond
( Paramount Pictures ) 2016; Independence Day: Resurgence
( 20th Century Fox ) 2016; Warcraft ( NBC Universal ) 2016; Sausage Party ( Columbia Pictures ) 2016; Jack Reacher ( Paramount Pictures ) 2016; The BFG ( Walt Disney Studios ) 2016; The Girl on the Train ( Universal Pictures ) 2016; Dunkirk ( Warner Bros. Pictures ) 2017; Atomic Blonde ( Focus Features ) 2017; Life
( Columbia Pictures ) 2017;


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Trailermusic Examples:

redCola Music – Dissonance (2014)

Promotional montage for RedCola – Dissonance album.

The collection counts 15 rude, grimy, derelict cues brimming with attitude; an assortment of Punctuated Moments and Textures and a cornucopia of glitches, pulses, rises and hits.

Made for scoring trailers, propelling and punctuating the action and setting up dark, foreboding, industrial atmospheres.

redCola Music – Dissonance (2015)

RedCola’s new release, Peril, is a dark hybrid album, eerie at times, suspenseful or driving at others.

“Our new release Peril is a selection of dark, gritty trailer cues evoking dramatic dystopian themes, criminal underworlds and international espionage”, RedCola says. The album evokes a “gritty dystopian underworld”.

Traditional / Folk Examples: